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Yorkshire Dales mobile coffee - Team of the Bean - coffee during lockdown
Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire

Anyone who knows me knows that I love good coffee! Well, recently I was fortunate enough to come across just that from a very recently established (only 3 months old) Yorkshire Dales mobile coffee business called…

Team of the Bean

How it all started

This little mobile coffee business was started by two very young coffee enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, Katie and Johan. The two young friends of many years both had a love of coffee and used to joke around together about starting a business together.

”At the young age of 13, I started a well known ‘help yourself’ honesty box service in the Yorkshire Dales, selling coffees, teas and cakes! As I got older, I always dreamed one day of owning my own business!” – Katie

”Even at a young age I have always had a passion for travelling and I’d say having family in the Swiss Alps has helped me to enjoy different kinds of foods and drinks! A combination of this and being hands on with any creative challenge, has lead me to discover my new love for coffee!” – Johan

The trailer itself started off more as a fun game, talking of what we would do when we grew up and how it would be done.” – Katie & Johan


Neither Katie or Johan truly realised how serious each of them were however until, just over a year ago, they set off to Sheffield and an old ‘tin horse trailer’ was bought. Even then it was still more of a hobby for them to begin with, fixing up the dented broken 40 year old trailer…until the day it turned into the most beautiful mobile coffee machine business. 😀

The present…

Three months ago things got serious! Team of the Bean was born! What a fabulous biz name they came up with too! It suits them right down to the ground I’d say! 😀 They found a few venues to park up their little coffee trailer and set up business. The rest, as they say, is history!

Out in the Yorkshire Dales

So, what can you expect from this little mobile coffee business and where exactly can you find them? Well, you can start by checking out Team of the Bean to find a weekly updated itinerary to see where you can find this entrepreneurial pair of artisan coffee makers. You’ll usually find them at one or other of the following places –

  • Sandylands Sports Centre, Skipton, North Yorkshire
  • Halton Gill, Yorkshire Dales
  • Burnsall, Yorkshire Dales

What to expect

Now they don’t only offer coffee mind you. They also offer a selection of teas and hot chocolates and….they even have a selection of home-made bakes. ☕️🍰

Even better….they also have a range of Keep Cups to purchase! Simply bring along your Keep Cup (or your very own favourite coffee cup) to get 20p off your cup of amazing coffee! 😲☕️😀 And…they even have a loyalty card for those of you that keep coming lol – always a nice bonus isn’t it?

Are they worth it?

Without a doubt, I can personally vouch for them. You will get an amazing rich, smooth medium roasted coffee, the taste of which lingers in your mouth for a while after you’ve finished it. Mmmm! 😋 And the cakes? Hubby was well satisfied with the flapjack that he had and the fruit cake that I had….beautiful rich, full flavors of which I could taste each and every one! 🍰😋

I have to say I’m very impressed with these two young people. Not only for the fact that they’ve worked so hard to make their joke/dream come true but that they offer beautiful tasting coffee and cakes – I can’t wait to try one of their hot chocolates next! 😉

If you haven’t yet come across this Yorkshire Dales mobile coffee trailer, then I urge you to go along and find them, especially if you happen to be out and about walking in the gorgeous Yorkshire Dales. After a long walk or hike, what could be better than a great cup of coffee?

Don’t forget to let them know how and where you found out about them from will you?? 🙏😉

5 thoughts on “Yorkshire Dales Mobile Coffee – Team of the Bean

  1. I shared the secret of Katie’s wonderful cafe with select members of family and friends, They were all delighted when they saw it for the first time, such a welcome stop on a walk.
    Now you are going mobile, I wish you success an happiness.
    Hopefully I’ll make it up there again one day!

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