Wildflower Walk near Skipton Woods

Wildflowers on fence
Skipton Woods, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1AW

Let me start this post by setting the scene – it was a comfortably warm day with a blue sky peeking through fluffy white clouds as I took a leisurely walk towards Skipton Woods. (Can you picture it?) 😜

My original intention was to take a walk through the woods themselves but….I became completely distracted and entranced by the stunning and picturesque wildflower display near the entrance to the woods on Chapel Hill! 😍

*Just check out my slideshow displays throughout this post to see what I mean.*

  • People walking up a street lined with wildflowers- wildflower walk near skipton castle woods
  • wildflowers along a fence - wildflower walk near skipton castle woods
  • Wildflowers along a fence with people walking along the road - wildflower walk near skipton castle woods

A sight to behold for sure which completely stopped me in my tracks I can tell you! The most prettiest, most colourful and widest variety of wildflowers I’ve ever seen were all lined up against this lovely rustic wooden fence. I simply had to stop to admire the beauty and to take some photos of this wonderful display to share with you all.

  • Wildflower garden with table and chairs and a shed - Wildflower Walk near Skipton Woods
  • Gateway with wildflowers
  • Entrance to a wildflower garden - Wildflower Walk near Skipton Woods

That wasn’t all I saw however. Taking a peek over the wooden gate set in the fence I was delighted to discover the quaintest little country style garden. I could so easily have whiled away a couple of hours just sitting there with a friend and a nice hot brew whilst relaxing and soaking up the surroundings.

  • Cottages & flowers
  • Cottage door
  • Metal chickens in garden bed

Continuing on my winding walk up Chapel Hill I came across some pretty stone cottages, one of which caught my eye in particular with even more flowers to feast my eyes upon. I was also rather impressed with its rustic wooden front door and the colorfully decorated metallic chickens hiding in amongst the plants.

  • Old shed on country road
  • Country road
  • Country road with gate

Onwards up the hill past another wooden gate and stone walls covered in moss and plants I walked on though cooler, dappled shade provided by the trees. Towards the end of the road I came across this amazing old rusty shed covered in ivy – what a perfect hideaway for some wild creatures perhaps? 😉

At the end of this road I then turned left to go down the hill back into Skipton and then on through the the high street towards home. My hubby texted me to check where I was as I had been gone quite awhile by this time but you can certainly see why, can’t you? 😉

I do urge you to hurry along to take a wildflower walk near Skipton Woods, if you haven’t seen this delightful sight, before all of the pretty wildflowers disappear!

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  1. What a lovely walk you’ve had Christine. I can see why you spent so much time enjoying the lovely flowers. As usual you describe everything so well.

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