The Coffee Spoon – A French Delight

Le Cafe Cuillere coffee shop outside. A French Delight

Le Cafe Cuillere

33 Rue Saint Jean, 144000 Bayeux 

Hqave you ever been to Bayeux in Normandy in France? It’s a lovely little town to visit and it’s where you’ll find this amazing coffee shop called Le Cafe Cuillere (The Coffee Spoon). What a French delight! 😍

We happened upon this little gem just two weeks after it opened around this time last year. Sylvain is very friendly and makes the most delicious food and….coffee to die for! ☕️

It’s such a great place to sit and relax for an hour or two so if you’re ever in the area, please pop along and say hi and don’t forget to mention that Get Out and About sent you, will you? 😉 (No, I don’t get anything for recommending the café in case you’re wondering) 😜

Have you been to Bayeux and did you happen upon this French delight?

Le Cafe Cuillere

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