Hot chocolate, ice-cream, waffles and cake

Chocolate Works cafe coming soon to Skipton

Spoilt for Choice

Hot chocolate, coffee, tea, milkshakes, chocolates, ice-cream, waffles, fondues, cakes – sound a bit like paradise??? Hubby and I decided to check out Clitheroe yesterday and came upon The Chocolate Works. Wow! What a place!

It’s so colourful inside this shop, downstairs and upstairs, making it so bright and cheerful. You get wonderful friendly service, delicious hot chocolates, lovely rich coffee and milkshakes mmm!

And there’s more…

That’s not all though. They do fantastic ice-cream desserts including a rather awesome chocolate fondue to share AND…’ve simply GOT to try one of their amazing bubble waffles!!! Hubby had a banana split with a latte and I had the Cinderella Waffle with milk hot chocolate. Check out all the lovely cakes and chocolates that they make also. Decadent heaven!!! That’s all I’m saying!

If I haven’t persuaded you already then these pics just might swing you into at least trying them out lol. Fabulous place to take the family – the kids will love it!

NOTE: it’s only dog friendly for people with guide dogs 

Have you been here already and if so what are your impressions? If not, grab the kids and get yourself down there – you won’t regret it! Then come back here and let me know what you thought.

The Chocolate Works

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