The Chocolate Works Cafe Grand Opening

Chocolate Works Cafe outside entrance - Sheep St, Skipton - Grand Opening = coffee during lockdown
Sheep St/High St, Skipton, BD23

Grand Opening

Well…The Chocolate Works Cafe Grand Opening was today and I was the very first customer to step inside as they opened the doors at 9.00am. How did I manage that?? I turned up early didn’t I, just in case there was a queue lol….and tbh, I really couldn’t wait to have one of their hot chocolate drinks, especially since it was wet and cold outside. 😝 I was also hoping to get some photos of the inside before the crowds descended and I was fortunate enough to do use that. 😉

1st Impressions

My very 1st impressions were of the amazing job they had done with the decor and the fabulous choice of products on sale right near the entrance! A welcoming atmosphere was felt as I looked around downstairs at the fabulous furniture, the warm yellow walls and the bunches of flowers on each table. What a lovely touch!

Whilst I was waiting for my order I quickly popped upstairs to take a look around and to take a few more cheeky photos. 😝 Everything looked rather cosy and comfortable upstairs too with very pleasant surroundings in which to sit and while away a couple of hours with a drink & something to eat. I couldn’t wait to get my order, to sit down and to spend some time there, relaxing and chilling out.

My Order

What’s on the menu then and what did I order? Well, you will be spoilt for choice with the range of drinks and delicious desserts on offer! An amazing choice of hot chocolates, coffees, fine teas, milkshakes, bubble waffles, ice-cream desserts, fondues, individual and bars of chocolate and much much more!

For myself, I chose a delicious Cinderella bubble waffle, a couple of their amazing small individual chocolates and a lovely signature hot chocolate. Mmmm!! 😋 I chose a table by the window to watch the world go by as I enjoyed my food and drink….and enjoy it I certainly did I can tell you! 😍

The Nitty Gritty

OK! So how do things work at this particular cafe? Read on to find out… 😉

If you’d like to stay in…

  • Wear a mask until you’re seated
  • Find a table
  • Note your table number
  • Make your selections from the menu
  • Order (with your table number) & pay at the till
  • Your order will be brought to your table

If you’re ordering menu items To go…

  • Wear a mask while you’re inside the premises
  • Everything on the menu is available To Go
  • Order & pay at the till
  • If they’re busy, you may be asked to wait outside & they will then pass your order to you through the serving hatch on Sheet Street

If you’re shopping from the shelves & cabinets…

  • Wear a mask while inside the premises
  • You’ll be served ASAP

Final Notes to Consider

  • I’ve been informed they are guide dog friendly only
  • They have a few loose vegan chocolates at present but are expanding the range over the next 12 months
  • They offer oat milk as an option

Did you pop along today to the Grand Opening of The Chocolate Works Cafe? If so, why not tell us all about your experience in the comments below 👇 If not, you ought to be planning a visit very soon – you are NOT going to be disappointed I can assure you! 😀

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  1. Informative post as usual Christine. . Chocolate works looks a great place to visit. You’ve certainly got my taste buds going. Lol.

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