The Backman provides massage therapy services

The Backman massage therapist
The Luxe Clinic, 21 Newmarket St, Skipton, BD23 2HX

Who’s heard of Dean Majors, The Backman who provides massage therapy services to the wonderful people of Skipton and beyond? ✋🤚

The Backman massage therapist

Backman massage therapy

I have been having some trouble with my back for some time and decided I would go see Dean for what I thought would be a lovely, gentle, relaxing Swedish massage to help. How wrong was I!!! Massage??? It was more like a beating!! And by the time he was done, you could have lit some wood on my back and fried an egg!! 😬

Joking aside though, Dean certainly knows his stuff! He could see just at a glance what the problem was, he could certainly feel the knots and stiffness once he got started and he definitely knew how to fix it! I knew I had some issues but I didn’t realise just how much until he started his therapy (is that what they call it?) 😳

Aches and pains (intense at times) also in places I didn’t even realise had issues. “I don’t like you anymore Dean”, “I thought you were my friend” a few expletives (only in my mind lol), a couple of screams and some breath holding all happened that morning as Dean worked his magic! 30 mins later and I was able to escape! 😂 And in case you’re wondering, YES! I felt amazing by the end of it!!! 😀

Hot stones massage therapy

Backman therapy services

Just a few of the therapy services that Dean provides –

  • Swedish Massage – yeah right!!
  • Hot Stone Massage – niiiice!
  • Hoppi Ears – what’s that? 😜

Do you need a ‘not so fluffy’ massage or would you simply like to spoil yourself for 30 mins with a lovely Swedish? (massage guys, massage!) I can HIGHLY recommend a visit to Dean’s clinic. Seriously – you’ll be SO glad you did!

The Backman massage therapist

The Backman

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