Social distancing in Bury at The Rock

The Rock shopping centre in Bury

The Rock Shopping Centre

The Rock, Bury, Lancashire, BL9 0JY

Social distancing in Bury – The Rock Bury shopping centre currently has this awesome KEEP LEFT system in operation for social distancing purposes.

Keep Left

It seems to work rather well from what I saw with everyone being able to maintain social distancing quite easily. I know they’ve got wide streets there but I do feel this could be implemented in many places. I really wish we had it in place in Skipton. With the narrow pathways and alleys I think it would help immensely! I often feel like I’m playing a game of PAC-MAN in town lol 😆

Social Distancing at Lush

Why were we in Bury tho, you might ask? Well, we went along because I wanted to purchase some bath bombs from LUSH and sadly, there’s no LUSH shop in Skipton. That’s rather sad I think because… smells amazing and you know there’s a shop around before you even get to it! 😍 Perhaps one day we might have one here? 🤔

Lush - fresh handmade cosmetics in Bury

But….I digress. They have this rather cool system in place because of the Coronavirus. There’s a table at the door with a lass behind it. You stand outside at the other end of the table and let them know what you want. They then go find the item/s and package it all up for you. You then pay by card only and then they put it on this tray on the table and push it towards you.

Pretty neat system I think with the only downside being that you can’t go inside and browse – you do need to know what you want beforehand. Still….I did get some rather lovely bath bombs – Twilight, Golden Slumbers & Goddess! PERFECT! 😉

What are your thoughts on how best to social distance here in Skipton? Do you think this would work? Or do you think a one-way system instead, one way up the street and the other down, would work? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below 👇

The Rock


2 thoughts on “Social distancing in Bury at The Rock

  1. Lush seem to be very well organised. Pleased you got what you wanted. I was born in Bury but never lived there

    1. Definitely well organised! I had to take a quick look online to see what I wanted lol. We lived in Bury in one of the apartments there, when they first opened, right up on the top floor! It was amazing! 😃

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