Take a walk into the woods by Skipton Castle

5 things to do and see in SKipton - Skipton Woods

Here we are in beautiful Skipton Woods. This is at the top end of town and runs around the side of Skipton Castle. It’s such a beautiful, peaceful place to walk and there’s lots to see too.

It takes roughly an hour to walk all the way round it. If you start from the end of the woods in town, you should then come out at the other end of the castle. This will bring you onto the main road that runs back down the hill into Skipton. After your walk, why not take yourself out for lunch into one of the many cafes or restaurants in town? Or simply go for a coffee at any number of the amazing coffee shops?

Have you been for a walk into these woods? Which is your favourite part and why?

2 thoughts on “Take a walk into the woods by Skipton Castle

  1. Oh Christine … I absolutely loved our walks through this amazing forest … I am convinced that it’s a healing place … it was jaw-droppingly wonderful to me … I cant wait to go back there again one day … (sooner rather than later … )

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