Lockdown helped me to create my blog

iPad on desk. Lockdown helped me to create my blog

Lockdown has helped me to develop and create my blog and it’s been my absolute saviour! Why is this the case? Well, please read on to find out…

Lockdown & the Coronavirus

Lockdown and social distancing has brought a new ‘normal’ to all of our lives and all because of the coronavirus! This has happened in only a matter of weeks because it is a highly contagious and dangerous virus.

Staying at home, going out only to buy essential items and medication or to go for a walk, social distancing from most people…this has become a new lifestyle for all of us around the entire world! How are we to adjust to this new state of affairs? How are we to cope?

Coping during Lockdown

For some this has been relatively easy. It’s given them a chance to slow down and reflect. People have become closer to their families, giving them more time together. Some have come up with the most amazing ideas how to get through it all. We’re even learning to appreciate the world we live in and not to take anything for granted.

For others it’s been more difficult. Some are living on their own, need extra support or feel more alone than ever. Others are going stir crazy not being able to get out much or trying to think of things to do. Many have children at home and are struggling to keep them occupied, let alone to continue their education. Then there are those simply trying to cope with the lack of money and not knowing what the future holds.

Many have already lost their lives, families have lost loved ones. The NHS is struggling to keep up. We are currently living in a very different world, in very uncertain times. This can be either a godsend or a nightmare…depending on your circumstances and how you look at it.

Blog Creation

Fortunately for me, this has now given me the opportunity to do something that I’ve been meaning to for ages. This lockdown has helped me to develop and create this blog! It’s saved me from sitting idle, feeling alone or going insane. Now I have plenty of time on my hands to create something unique and special which I hope will bring value to others!

Despite having my own ‘wobble’ at one point, I made a conscious decision not to let this current situation get me down. I wasn’t going to let it beat me! I decided to look at the positives and to use this time to my advantage, to see it as a blessing! And so this blog creation began…

The Purpose of my Blog

If you go to the ABOUT ME section in the link below you will find out how this blog idea originally got started. Basically though, I believe that what I want to write about can be not only interesting but also useful to others. I love traveling around the UK and overseas and to then share my experiences with others. To write about the places that I visit and what you can see and do there. I also like to support small businesses that I come across and find interesting.

So, this pandemic hasn’t stopped me! It’s actually been a moment in time for me to build something worthwhile for people to enjoy and hopefully to even help you get through this. It’s not just for now though…it will still be here for you to read after this lockdown is over.

Right now though, perhaps you can at least visit some places vicariously through reading my posts. Perhaps you’ll find places you’ve already been to that might rekindle happy memories? Maybe you’ll even discover new places to get excited about and then might like to go and check out?

For now, stay home and stay safe but in the meantime, you could start to make a list of those places you’d like to go visit after lockdown which will give you something to look forward to. 😉

How are you dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic? What are you doing to cope? More importantly, are you safe?

Please do let me know what you think of the blog won’t you? Is there anywhere you’d like me to write about when I get the chance to get out and about again myself?

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    1. Well I’ve never stopped writing since I started this on Facebook about a year ago but I think having its own website is a much better ‘home’ for my blog 😃 So glad you enjoyed reading it x

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