Eat out to help out scheme in the UK

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Eat out to help out out! What is it and what’s it all about? How does it work? Who is involved? Well….read on to find out everything you need to know! 😀

What’s it all about?

The government has launched this amazing scheme in an attempt to encourage the public to support the struggling restaurant industry as the economy seeks to recover from the coronavirus lockdown.

Announcing the plan, Rishi Sunak said: “To get customers back into restaurants, cafes and pubs, and protect the 1.8 million people who work in them, I can announce today that, for the month of August, we will give everyone in the country an Eat Out to Help Out discount.”

Eat out to help out food and drink

How does it work?

  • When you dine out from Monday to Wednesday in August, starting from 3rd August, you will get 50% off the price of your meal including non-alcoholic drinks, up to the value of £10 per head. (includes children)
  • You don’t need a voucher to use the scheme and you can use it at the same time as other offers and discounts as many times as you like during the month of August.
  • There is no minimum spend but service charges aren’t included.
  • The offer is only valid for eat-in meals. Take-aways and delivery orders won’t count.

Who is involved?

Well, that’s easy! Since there are over 130,000 participating businesses though, you’ll forgive me if I don’t list them all here. 😜 However, if you click on the button at the bottom of this post you can then add any postcode in the UK to find a list of participating businesses in that area.

Find yourself a local business either in your local town or somewhere you might be visiting during the month of August. Then simply pop along, sit down and have a delicious meal with your family or friends! We’ve already booked ourselves a table! 😉🍽🥣☕️🥤

NOTE: After you click on the button at the bottom of this post the page should look something like the image below 👇 but keep reading the rest of this post for some of my own personal favourites 👇 😉

Eat out to help out postcode finder

Where can you eat out to help out in Skipton?

Since I’m a local I’ve listed just a few of my favourite places to go below that are participating in Skipton. These aren’t the only ones though – just add the local postcode to the postcode finder on the govt website to find many more! 😀

Coffee Shops



How cool is this scheme though and how much money is it going to save for you and your family if you decide to partake of this offer! Most of all though, is how this is going to help all of us, including those businesses who need help to survive through this awful coronavirus outbreak!

Tell me…..where will you be going to get your 50% discount???

10 thoughts on “Eat out to help out scheme in the UK

  1. Thanks for the mention.
    Really happy to be part of the scheme and feel it’s a great way to welcome back a lot of our customers and thank them for their support with this generous discount.
    Bean Loved

  2. Thanks for the heads up, easy to understand the scheme, the dates and where to go to take advantage of the offer. Hopefully, more places will get involved around here.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I’m glad it was easy to understand. There are quite a few places in Skipton involved – I just added a few of my own personal faves. 🙂

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