Coffee shop & greengrocers in one

Steep & Filter exterior - coffee shop and greengrocers

Steep & Filter

14-16 Otley Street, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 1DZ

A coffee shop and greengrocers in one! Steep & Filter don’t just serve some of the most amazing coffee in Skipton… ☕️😍

Steep & Filter exterior - coffee shop and greengrocers

Coffee Shop & Greengrocers

All thru lockdown, albeit minus the coffee, they turned their little coffee shop into a mini greengrocers. Yes! That’s right! If you didn’t want to brave the big supermarkets with all of the crowds, the panic buying or later, the long queues, then you could come here instead to buy your organic fruit & veg and a few other groceries besides.


And now…they’ve expanded their little enterprise into the shop next door so it’s become a permanent fixture! Somewhere you can go to experience a completely different way of shopping. There might still be a short queue, due to social distancing, but once inside, you’re sure to receive a very friendly welcome from Mike & Dally.

Steep & Filter exterior - coffee shop and greengrocers

There might even be time to chat awhile (as long as you don’t keep the people outside waiting too long lol) and there will be all that amazing fresh food to choose from along with other groceries. You’ll just have a much more relaxed, slower pace of life experience here I reckon. Ahhhhhh! 😃

Opening Hours

You’ll find this lovely little shop open Tues-Sat – 8am-3pm. Just bear with them whilst they are still getting the shop organised but don’t let that stop you from buying whatever it is you need will you? 😉 I’m sorry I forgot to ask them when the coffee shop might be re-opening again but after tonight’s govt announcement, I think that might be very soon. 🤞

Have you been shopping here? How did you find it compared to the big supermarkets?

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Steep & Filter

Steep & Filter

10 thoughts on “Coffee shop & greengrocers in one

  1. Looks amazing.
    Just what Skipton needs, somewhere to shop confident the right choices have been made regarding sourcing, packaging etc.
    Can’t wait to get in there and see what they’ve got to offer!

  2. Looks like a nice store. I think a lot of people have been supporting local shops and liking the experience.

    1. I think so too. With this one they can go next door before or after their shop to have a coffee so that’s a bonus – when they are able to reopen of course! 😉

  3. Love this post and love Steep & Filter! Such friendly service and a great little eco store bundled together with some of the best coffee in skipton – whats not to love.
    Great posts from Get Out and About for anyone who loves Yorkshire 💕

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