Chocolate Works Cafe Coming Soon to Skipton!!!

The Chocolate Works logo
Sheep St/High St, Skipton, North Yorkshire

The Chocolate Works cafe is ‘coming soon’ to Skipton!!! YES! You heard correctly! Who am I talking about? Well, read on to find out more…

Who are they and what do they sell?

The Chocolate Works is a rather special chocolate cafe for chocolate lovers and addicts everywhere! You can find a branch of this wonderful cafe in Clitheroe in Lancashire but I’m happy to report that they are now opening up another branch right here in Skipton! 😀 (in the old Filmore & Union Café on Sheep St/High St)

I can tell you right now that it’s a chocolate lovers paradise! How do I know? Because I’ve been to their cafe in Clitheroe many times and enjoyed their amazing and ‘most delicious’ fresh chocolates, chocolate bars, hot chocolate, barista coffee, fine teas, milkshakes and cakes!!! 😋

The hot chocolate itself is the best I’ve ever tasted! It’s pure melted chocolate topped up with hot milk and sprinkled with real chocolate shavings! Mmm! 😋😛

But wait, there’s more…

That’s not all though! They also do fantastic ice-cream desserts including a rather awesome chocolate fondue to share AND…’ve simply GOT to try one of their amazing bubble waffles!!! Decadent heaven!!! That’s all I’m saying! PLUS…..there’s even sandwiches, paninis and other cold drinks too! Spoilt for choice or what?!?!? 😲😝

Chocolate Works Cafe in Clitheroe

I’ve added some photos here for you to see what the branch in Clitheroe looks like inside and out to give you some idea of what it might look like when it opens here in Skipton. As you can see, it certainly looks like a great place to hang out doesn’t it? It’s a fabulous, colourful and fun place to take the family for sure! You will be sure of a very warm welcome I can assure you! 😀

Will you be popping along to try out this Chocolate Works ‘heaven sent’ cafe coming soon to Skipton? I promise, if you do, you won’t be disappointed!

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    1. I’ve been informed there’s a few single vegan chocs but no vegan choc bars at present. However, they are looking to rectify that over the next 12 months 🙂

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