Candles make-up bath and body products

Melt Co candles on table. Candles, make-up, bath and body products

The Melt Co

Backridge Farm, Twitter Lane, Waddington, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 3LQ

Where do you go for candles, make-up, bath and body products? The Melt Co in Bashall Barn in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire of course! I’d recently been looking for some rather special candles for my beautiful new solid stone candle holder and this is where I ended up.

Candle holder with Melt Co candle. Ceramic house, stone and glass candle holders. Candles, make-up, bath and body products

A friend had recommended this place so hubby and I went shopping. We found the perfect candle for the candle holder that sits in our fireplace. It’s called Saddle and smells absolutely divine! It has three of my fave scents in it – sandalwood, amber & cedar – along with a few others too. I’ve been burning it this evening and I can even smell it upstairs mmmm! 😍

Melt Co candles on shelves. Candles, make-up, bath and body products

I only took a couple of pictures but you can see that they have a wide choice of candles to choose from. They have at least 30 different blends of aromas and in all different sizes. They even come in glass jars and tins too. It smells beautiful in the candle room and everything is in alphabetical order on the shelves, making it really simple to find the aroma and product that you’re looking for.

More than just candles, make-up, bath and body products

That’s not all they have tho – they also sell a few other items too like candle holders (obviously), reed diffusers, organic bath, body & skin care products, organic makeup, fragrances, books and even a few items of clothing. Their packaging is just as luxurious as their products too! It’s a lovely setup with everything spread out across two main rooms and a few more in the entranceway too. You may even get offered a small glass of wine whilst you’re there so do make sure you’ve got a designated driver with you if you do decide to partake won’t you? 😉

If you love these types of products and you’d like quality luxurious items in your home or simply to give as a gift to someone else – they even gift wrap for you if you want that service – then I urge you to go and take a look. You’re sure to find something rather special – I did!! 

Do you like candles and what are your favourite scents?

The Melt Co

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