Bean Loved open again after lockdown

Bean Loved coffee shop open after lockdown

Bean Loved

17 Otley Street, Skipton, BD23 1DY

Guess where we’ve been?!? The amazing Bean Loved co​ffee shop in Skipton is open again after lockdown! ☕️ 😍 It’s SO good to see these guys open again, even if it is only takeaway for now, because I’m sure many have missed their caffeine intake and these guys make amazing coffee!

Safety first

Once inside the store you feel completely safe as they have put in this brilliant one-way system! In thru the front door, can sanitise your hands at the counter, grab your coffee and maybe a cake if you’re so inclined and out thru the back of the shop where you can also sanitise your hands. Then, back out into the street at the back of the store. It works fabulously and it’s so nice to be able to buy one of their much missed, delicious, creamy coffees once more! ☕️

Bean Loved coffee shop open after lockdown

If you’d like to know more about these guys and their amazing coffee, now that they are open again after lockdown, then check out my full review below 👇

Open Fri & Sat 8am – 1pm. Welcome back guys! It’s great to see you again! 😃

Did you pop along for your caffeine fix today now that they are open again after lockdown? If not, will you be dropping in tomorrow? 😉

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Bean Loved

Bean Loved

2 thoughts on “Bean Loved open again after lockdown

  1. Great you managed to get a favourite coffee and that they are so organised. Worrying time for lots of businesses. Hope you enjoyed.

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