Barista on a Bike for your favourite coffee

Barista on a bike - mobile bicycle coffee cart - coffee during lockdown

OMG!!! Just look what hubby and I came across at Skipton market recently!!! A barista on a bike!!! Now how cool is that?!?!?

What an absolute surprise we had as we came across this delightful little business! And guys….I can assure you the coffee is simply amazing! YES! Of course we had to sample some didn’t we? ☕️😉😍

Why a Barista on a Bike?

Russell…better known as Rusty (a former shop fitter), previously did a shop refit for an independent coffee chain which sparked his interest in coffee. He decided he wanted to create his own business which would bring coffee to everyone outside, in a completely new way.

So….during lockdown, he designed, manufactured and built his very own amazing ‘mobile tricycle coffee cart’. Just check out the design and workmanship of this little ‘tricycle coffee cart‘! Then in September he set up his little mobile business to bring his delicious, smooth barista style coffee to various locations around Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Rusty’s Coffee Club

Rusty’s Coffee Club was born!! Rusty, a really super friendly lad, now has his very own special blend of coffee. For coffee enthusiasts it’s a 4 bean blend from Brazil, Honduras, Columbia & Vietnam….a blend of dark chocolate, spices and caramel. Mmmmm! It has a lovely smooth taste to it and it really hits the spot – we were well impressed!! ☕️

Rusty offers the usual choice of coffees – espresso, cappuccino & lattes – with oat and coconut milk on offer too for those that prefer it. He also has a choice of different flavor syrups if you happen to like adding something a little extra to your brew. If you‘re more into a cup of tea he has berry herbal, Japanese Sencha and good ole Yorkshire tea! (of course) 😉

Where can you find this Barista on a Bike?

Rusty doesn’t have a set timetable for where he is and when at this moment in time but you can find him at any of the following places –

  • Leeds
  • Huddersfield
  • Manchester
  • Blackpool
  • Skipton

Oh no! 😩 Not more coffee in Skipton I hear you say. However, on busy market days (when Rusty is hoping to be here) and especially at lunchtimes it can be quite difficult finding a seat in any of the local cafes. So…isn’t it great that you can still grab a great coffee without having to wait for a table?? 😜

If you do want to know where Rusty is at any given moment in time then check out Rusty’s Coffee Club to see where’s he’s at. You never know, you just might happen to be in the same area at the same time.

Job Opportunities

I do know for a fact that Rusty is hoping to set up several of these ‘mobile coffee tricycles’ around the country. So…if you’re looking to get involved in a new venture, why not get in touch with him via Rusty’s Coffee Club.

If you are fortunate enough to come across this amazing Barista on a Bike then I urge you to stop, say hello and try out one of his coffees. Rusty will happily serve you your favorite brew – what’s your favorite?

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3 thoughts on “Barista on a Bike for your favourite coffee

  1. Wonderful article! What an amazing entrepreneurial venture! I will definitely watch out for Rusty on Skipton High Street in future. Thanks for bringing Rusty’s Coffee Club to my attention via your Get Out and About email.

  2. Interesting article Christine. What a great idea Rusty had.Love to see these sort of things , adds atmosphere to places. Hope his business goes from strength to strength.

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