Come walk with me through Aireville Park in Skipton

Let’s go for a walk thru Aireville Park in Skipton. Yes! Skipton even has a park and it’s rather lovely. You can enter this park from a few places. The main ones are from the canal near Glista Mill or at the other end near Skipton Academy. I entered it from the canal as that’s always a pretty walk along there and seeing all the canal boats.

The park has lovely wide open expanses of green and plenty of trees. You can even enjoy the wider views of the hills beyond if you want to. You will also find the local sports centre located in the park and a couple of BMX/scooter tracks. There’s also this amazing new park for the kids to enjoy which is completely fenced in so it’s nice and safe.

It’s a great place to go for a walk by yourself or with the family, take the dogs for a run or to even have a picnic. You can just hear the slight hum of traffic in the distance but that’s pretty easy to shut out. You could even be forgiven for thinking you are away from a busy town and out in the country someplace. That’s pretty the case anywhere you go in Yorkshire though – Yorkshire folk will understand and know what I mean.

Do you take walks here? Do your kids like the different selection of parks to play in?

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