Lady walking away through some trees. Travels, journeys and adventures.

Travels, Journeys & Adventures

Come along with us on our travels, journeys and adventures. Find lots of interesting and useful information on where to go, what to see and do.

I decided to do something that my daughter had always suggested I do….to start a travel blog! As hubby and I love to travel we tend to get out and about quite a lot, not just in the UK but also overseas. We visit and sometimes stay at a lot of different places, see and do lots of things, eat out at various places… Well, you get the idea lol.

My daughter suggested that I share this information with the world as it could be useful to others. Especially if you plan to go to the same places. So…I’ve gone ahead and set up this travel blog.

I do hope you enjoy reading through all of my posts. Perhaps you will find lots of exciting new places that you’d like to visit? Please do feel free to join in the conversation by leaving your comments below each post won’t you?

I hope that you’ll choose to come along for the ride and perhaps find what I have to share might even benefit you in some small way. What are we waiting for? Let’s go shall we??

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