A cosy French inspired bistro style cafe

The Coffee House coffee shop interior with tables and chairs. 5 best coffee shops in Skipton

The Coffee House

Millfields Hall, Skipton, BD23 1LQ

The Coffee House is a cosy French inspired bistro style cafe and is one of my 5 best coffee shops to visit in Skipton. It’s Just over the bridge near the canal basin. It’s on the end of a row of buildings that lead into the car park. Not a lot of people ever realise it’s there but it does get very busy and is rather popular.

Cosy French Bistro

It has a very French Bistro feel about it with its amazing decor. It’s quite relaxing and definitely a place you can chill out for a couple of hours! There’s even a little outdoor courtyard seating area at the side of the building. That will great for when the sun is shining won’t it?

There’s a wide range of food to choose from, great coffee and lots of different teas also, all at very reasonable prices. The owner Adam and his staff are all very friendly giving great customer service!

So, if you’re in Skipton and you’d like to try out one of the fabulous coffee shops in town, you wouldn’t go far wrong in trying out this one!

Do you know about this little gem? If not, are you going to give it a try?

The Coffee House

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