1st Takeaway Drinks after 7 Weeks of Lockdown

Chocolate Works cafe coming soon to Skipton

The Chocolate Works

40 Castle Street, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 2BX

Yahhh! Today we were able to have our very 1st takeaway drinks after 7 weeks of lockdown! Where from, you ask? Only from the amazing ‘The Chocolate Works’ in Clitheroe! They have just reopened, for takeaway drinks only, and luckily they are just down the road from us.

Inside The Chocolate Works coffee shop after 7 weeks lockdown

Lockdown Social Distancing

Whilst queuing up for our drinks everyone behaved themselves by sticking to the clearly marked social distancing one-way system put in place on the floor. You simply went down one side of the shop to the counter and then down the other side to depart. I must say it worked very well, considering they only have one door.

Perhaps a few other shops might be able to adopt a similar or alternative option if they are also considering re-opening? I think, as long as we all adhere to social distancing, for as long as is necessary, then hopefully it’s a way for the economy to begin to move forward again? A bit scary but maybe it’s possible…for some at least? Mixed feelings here. 🤔

Chocolate and hot chocolate drink from The Chocolate Works after 7 weeks lockdown

Hot Drinks and Chocolate

I just had to have one of their delicious hot chocolates and hubby chose a latte. Oh! And we WERE also able to grab some chocolates to go with that…the farm set being a gift for our neighbours, the farmers 🐑 🚜 🐕 Well, why should they miss out? 😜 Then we headed straight back home to enjoy these delectable goodies in the lovely warm spring sunshine in our front garden. 😋 🌞 😍

And..I just have to say that, for our very first takeaway drinks after 7 weeks of lockdown…it was delicious and a real treat!!! 😍

You can read more about this what this wonderful chocolate/coffee shop has to offer right here on my previous post.

How was your day today? Wasn’t it glorious weather?

4 thoughts on “1st Takeaway Drinks after 7 Weeks of Lockdown

  1. I have definitely come to strongly appreciate the little things in life! I never knew how much I could miss something as simple as sitting in a cafe and drinking a tea. I have to keep telling myself I’ll get the opportunity again…some day 🙂 I’m happy you had such a delightful time at your local shop! I love the farm set!

    1. Yes! You’re absolutely right about appreciating the little things! I’ve never taken anything for granted but I have to say that I enjoy my takeaway coffee/hot choc so much more atm. The chocolate is my fave kind, Belgian! It is a cute set isn’t it? They do all kinds there, so much choice! I can’t wait to have one of their amazing bubble waffles again! 😃

      You should read my other post about them to see what else they have to offer 😉


  2. Lockdown has made us appreciate things which we have taken for granted in the past.Pleased you enjoyed.

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